IGT Alien Supernova Online Slot Game

IGT Alien Supernova

IGT Alien Supernova is an online slot game with a unique reel setup. Rather than the usual spinning reels that require you to match symbols, IGT Alien Supernova features a circular play area. You will see alien ships surrounding a point of light that will destroy any matching symbols or colours lined up in a diagonal line.

There are 12 of these diagonal pay lines that can be activated. There are no free spins or scatter symbols but there are 3 unique bonus games to trigger. IGT Alien Supernova is available for real money wagering if you are signed up to an online casino and other recommended portals with real money online pokies.

Alien Supernova Autopsy Bonus Game

The first bonus game in IGT Alien Supernova is the Alien Autopsy game. This feature is triggered by landing 3 Tentacle Spy Ships on an active pay line. It essentially plays like a Gamble feature where you can potentially double your win or lose your entire wager.

In this bonus game you must unzip a bag containing an alien head. This head has one of three potential prizes that can be awarded. You can either double your win, keep your win or lose your entire wager.

Alien Supernova Abduction Bonus Game

IGT Alien Supernova features a bonus game where you play one of the aliens and must abduct an innocent cow to get a cash prize. This feature is triggered by the green Robo Fighter symbols. When this feature triggers, you will be taken to a field filled with cows. Each cow has its own cash value.

Alien Supernova Colour Match Feature

IGT Alien Supernova offers an additional way to win than simply matching symbols. You can also get a cash payout for matching ships of a similar colour. Ships come in Red, Green, Blue and Gold.  These pay outs are a lot lower than those offered for matching like symbols, but they trigger often.

Two or three matching yellow symbols will pay out 0.01 and 0.06 respectively. The blue symbols will pay 0.01 and 0.03 for two or three matching symbols. The green symbols offer 0.02 and 0.06 while the red symbols pay out 0.02 and 0.03.

Alien Supernova Attack Bonus Game

IGT Alien Supernova features another bonus game that is a bit more action packed. The Alien Attack bonus game is triggered by lining up 3 tentacle fighters on a pay line. In this bonus game you need to destroy alien space craft that appear on the screen. Each destroyed fighter will award a cash prize.

Alien Supernova Reel Symbols

IGT Alien Supernova features a large variety of alien and human space ships that appear in the reels. These include satellites, flying saucers and space stations. These symbols require two or three matching symbols on one of the 12 pay lines to pay out.

The blue ships pay out up to 1000 times your wager. The yellow ships offer up to 30 times your wager. The red ships can pay up to 150 times your wager while the green ships are worth up to 60 coins.