Details about the Glam Life Online Slot Game

The Glam Life is a slot game created by well known developer IGT Games. The game is based around the simple idea of having loads of money, demonstrated in a series of symbol art that includes expensive objects. The graphics of the game are fairly well done, featuring decent animations and realistic looking shiny objects.

It must be said, however, that it is not the most intriguing theme ever committed to a slot game, and there are a number of more interesting games currently available. In terms of game play, however, using a five reel, thirteen betting line system, The Glam Life offers interesting and engaging entertainment. The player is able to adjust betting lines manually, removing or adding them, and the result is a slot game that feels interestingly strategic.

Note that the Glam Life is also a progressive jackpot slot game, meaning that enormous life changing money is possible for the extremely lucky. The game is available to play on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet like Crown Oaks betting.

Symbols and Basics

The cruise liner is the most valuable symbol in the game, granting an enormous payout if matching the maximum of five times. Note that this is also the only symbol in the game that will payout if matched only twice, although a rather small amount.

The next most valuable symbol in the game is the Rolls Royce, followed by the unreasonably large diamond ring, the silver watch, the diamond studded mobile phone, the champagne, and the two credit cards. Note that there are no traditional playing card symbols in this game, which is a welcome change, and a feather in the cap of the developers, who did well to steer away from slot game clichés. In order to really rake in the money in The Glam Life, and lets face, who isn’t looking to rake in the money in a game called The Glam Life, a player must turn their attention to the bonus symbols.

Big Bonuses and Jackpots

There is a mini-bonus system in The Glam Life Slot game, involving the necklace case symbol. If this symbol matches three times, the player may click one of the symbols, which will reveal a small bonus inside. But the necklace bonus is pocket change, however, and in order to get on the road to your own personal life of glamour, note of the yacht symbol, the jet symbol, and mansion symbol. The mansion symbol, showing a house that surely only the rich and famous could afford, will payout an instant cash bonus if matched three times.

The jet symbol will give free spins if matched, which certainly isn’t to be sneezed at, and always a welcome addition. But we’re here for the progressive jackpot, which can be upwards of two million dollars. In order to trigger the progressive jackpot, first make sure that the game is set to maximum bet. This is the only way the progressive jackpot will payout. Next, be lucky enough to match the yacht symbol the maximum of five times. This will grant the progressive jackpot win right here, which will get that glamorous life start right away.