Different types of online slots explained

Different Types Of Online Slots Explained

The slot machine has come a long way since its primitive beginnings in 1898. This first machine was as basic as possible, but set the groundwork for the modern machine that would come into being almost 100 years later. As the dawn of the information age loomed, so too did multiple technologies, such as computers. Computers allowed for new and advanced types of machines, and one that took full advantage of this was the slot machine.

Almost half a century later, and the modern online slot is a thing of variety above all else, where casinos offer the game in many different themes and aesthetics, as well with unique mechanics. Going online and doing a quick search will provide a huge amount of options, but there are some slots that are most commonly played.

Classic/3 Reel Slots

This is the most basic slot available, and still a favourite among many. Based off of the popular fruit slot games found on casinos floors, the 3 reel slot is still offered by many online sources. The game is simple, try to match symbols across three reels in order to win. This is the slot to start with for those new to the scene.

5 Reel Slots

the next natural progression of the 3 reel is its big brother, the 5 reel slot, and the most common online slots real money Canada game you will find throughout online casinos. The premise of the game is the same as the classic version, except with more reels, often more paylines, and some bonus games included. This is the staple of any online casino and the game that most people play.

Feature Slots

The most modern versions of the game come in the form of feature slots. These are usually the flagship games of online casinos, and offer the latest and most popular gameplay mechanics at the time. Multiple bonus games, advanced graphics and well-known themes are what make up the feature slot.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are usually games linked closely to a jackpot of some nature. These games can be any type of slot, but their main draw is the progressive jackpot that can make someone rich with just one spin. As more people play the slot, the more the jackpot increases, until even just playing the slot can be profitable.

Mobile Slots

The mobile casino industry has taken off like wildfire, and is growing every year at an exponential rate. It’s now possible to play your favourite slot on just about any mobile device, including laptops, tablets, smart phones, and even smart watches. Thanks to this, slots can be enjoyed at any time and at any location, and has created a new era for casino games.

Fruit Machines

Fruit machines, while almost identical to classic slots, differ in that the player has more options available to them in regards to the reels. This includes the ability to hold reels, nudge the machine, as well as other mechanics not generally found in other types of slots.