Table Limit

Table Limits In Detail

In all casinos, table games have what is referred to as a table limit, both minimum and maximum. When approaching a table, the limits will generally clearly be displayed, if not on the table itself, then via a sign that dictates the bet limits for an area of the casino floor.

Most casinos have a variety of limits; spread out over a number of tables, allowing those who prefer high limits and low limits all an opportunity to play. It is, however, the policy of some casinos to cater only for high limit or low limit guests. In these cases the casino will be looking to lure a specific type of gambler, although it should be noted that whatever limits are placed on a table, it does not affect odds in any way, and the game is played in exactly the same fashion. Betting limits effect only the amount of money spent and earned per hand, not the game itself.

High Limits Tables

The specific amount of high table limits, and what sum the term actually refers to, varies depending on the casino and which country it resides in. These amounts will also change periodically over time. Those who play exclusively at high limits tables are often known as high rollers, and since a casino loves a person willing to make large bets, these people will often receive special VIP treatment.

The majority of casual casino goers, however, will largely avoid high limits tables, for the obvious reason that losing huge sums of money can happen in a very short space of time. In some cases a casino will push a higher then average limit on their tables in an effort to boost business. This act, however, is often met with disapproval from gamblers, who view it as an aggressive way to part players with money.

Low Limits Tables

Low table limit tables will be found in the majority of casinos. The amounts, once again, will vary depending on where the casino is, and what currency is used to play. The amounts will, however, generally always be small enough that the average people will be willing to put down the sum without breaking a sweat. But one shouldn’t take for granted how bets may stack up, turning what seems like a small amount into something much larger. For example, in a game such as poker an initial ante amount, plus a few rounds of slow betting will not break the bank.

Keep in mind, however, that any player at a table of poker may bet the maximum allowable sum for a number of betting rounds, in a single hand. This can quickly turn what seemed like a small maximum betting limit into something much larger and significant. When deciding which maximum betting limit suits you, especially for a game such as poker, keep a golden rule in mind; the maximum limit should not be the most you are willing to spend in a single bet, it should be the least. That is to say, the maximum amount should represent a number that may be doubled as many as five times, and still be an amount you have no problem parting with.