Spanish 21

Spanish 21 Explained

Enthusiasts of the popular game of Blackjack might recognise Spanish 21, as it is a variation of the classic Blackjack game. Spanish 21 comes in many forms, but is often considered one of the best ways to earn wins in any casino, as the game is incredibly player friendly.

For those players who prefer not to venture from the comfort of their own homes, Spanish 21 is offered by a number of online casino websites, and players are able to both learn and practice the game, and even play for real money. Spanish 21 was first started in Nevada during 1995, and has grown in popularity ever since due to the higher chances of earning winnings during play.

The Rules of Spanish 21

While Blackjack uses decks of 52 cards, Spanish 21 differs in that it makes use of between six and eight Spanish card decks, each made up of 48 cards. These decks are similar to the regular 52 card decks, minus four 10 cards. As the 10 cards in normal Blackjack give more power to the player, removing them can mean the dealer has better odds against the players. To counter this, balance of gameplay in Spanish 21 is achieved by giving the player special bonuses, and rules beneficial to the player. Additionally, with the lack of certain cards in Spanish decks, all cards have more value than what would be found in a regular Blackjack deck. This gives Spanish 21 distinct bonuses that are aimed at improving the player’s overall game.

Most of the rules included in Spanish 21 are designed to aid the player, to compensate for the lack of missing cards. For instance, a player landing 21 will always win, and if both the player and the dealer manage to land a Blackjack, the player’s hand will supersede the dealer’s. Furthermore, players may double on any card and double splitting, re-splitting, and late surrenders are permitted for players.

Every casino offering Spanish 21 may have varying rules, such as dealers being able to hit or stand on a 17, or how many Spanish decks are allowed to be used. Some casinos also permit redoubling up to three times, and players will need to use the relevant information to find the casino that suits them best.

Spanish 21 Strategies

Like many games of cards, Spanish 21 has its fair share of tried and tested strategies. Players new to Spanish 21 can find information about basic strategies, perfecting their game online before moving on to more complex strategies. Strategies, like the rules, can vary depending on the casino offering Spanish 21, and players will want to find a casino that offers a version of the game that they can adapt to before implementing strategies.

Spanish 21 Verdict

While Blackjack will always reign as one of the kings of the casino card game genre, Spanish 21 is a strong edition to the Blackjack family, and will provide players with many winning opportunities. Skill, strategy and wit will definitely help players who try their hand at this game.


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