Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor Casino Resort in Ontario, Canada

The Caesar brand of Land Based casinos and resorts is one of the largest in the world. With Caesars palace in Vegas, Caesars Atlantic city clearly in Atlantic city and then of course Caesars Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, the brand of casino and resort has spread its roots across North America.

Despite the changes regarding land based casinos and the online world in the past decade and a half, these top casinos from this top group have raised their game to such a height that no online casino experience could hope to compare and so players visit a place like this top casino for more than just the casino experience but the overall atmosphere of a Greco-Roman casino resort with a lavish layout, beautiful suites and villas and of course most manner of games, because ultimately players also want to play. Seems the Caesars Windsor casino is worth a bit more investigation.

History and Functionality of Caesars Windsor

Opening its doors in July of 1998 this hotel and casino is almost 20 years younger than the one in Atlantic City and almost 40 years younger than the famous Palace on the strip. However the combined experience of these groups makes for a wealth of knowledge regarding casino gaming, resort hosting and player entertaining that few others can hope to accrue. The Caesars Windsor here in Ontario may be younger than its cohorts but with a separate market and its own collaboration with said market the results are still pretty much stunning. This casino is also owned by the government of the province of Ontario, meaning that most profits made are sent back into the province, which in turn means a better experience for all in Ontario.

As far as the offering with this casino is concerned, players will find pretty much most amenity they could hope for with this casino. Included amongst the facilities are pools, suites, with over 700 rooms available across the two hotel towers. There is a coliseum with 5000 seats in which big name entertainment performs.

On top of this the Roman theme really brings the entire resort and casino together and makes players feel as if they’ve jumped back in time to Ancient Rome and become Caesar in the process. There are statues and all kinds of majestic artwork, including replicas of famous works from during the Roman Empire. Overall the entire experience is what makes the Caesars Windsor casino and resort such an enticing offer that tends to pail most in comparison.

The Gaming Features and Availability

Now for the really good stuff and what players can find regarding casino games at this casino. With over 9000 square metres of combined gaming space players may find themselves doing a bit of walking before they settle in with their favourite games. On the list of available games here there are of course the perpetual favourites, the slot machines. These babies are always worth a few spins and with the number available at Caesars Windsor players can expect to find ranges of themes, bonuses and jackpots. On the other side of the casino coin is the classic table games and here again the casino has gone to the furthest degree to offer up as many variations and games as possible. So players would do well to get down, or up, to Windsor, Ontario and visit this land based casino experience through Caesars Windsor.